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Dan Keene

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424 E. Sherman Ave. Ste. 305
Coeur D' Alene, ID 83814
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M. Berardinelli
Irvine, CA

Company name: and NuView Financial Services

02/05/2013 12:03 PM

WOW! Northwest Registered Agents (NWRA) are the BEST in the business. Their resources, attention to detail, immediate personal service, competitive pricing make NWRA the NUMBER ONE, all-time Registered Agent service-provider, in my opinion. I’ve been using their resources for over two years now.

The aren’t idiots, like some of the RA’s I have worked with over the past 15 years as a paralegal who specializes in corporate formation and licensing compliance document preparation. Believe me, navigating through the 51-state jurisdictions regarding how things need to be done, or which requirements have suddenly changed can be a nightmare, but NWRA makes it as simple as can be for just about anyone needing these services.

At NWRA, they don’t lose or hold your documents hostage, and someone is always available to help. I have never been disappointed or ignored by their client services; whether online, by telephone, or email. The OWNER of this business will answer your email directly or get on the phone, if necessary. He’s truly an expert in this field, so you can always trust his answers. I have lots of questions, and he’s always be available to answer each and everyone nearly instantly and cheerfully, too.

And he keeps a sense of humor, which is very much needed when dealing with all of the state requirements. I appreciate that also. He feels your “pain” and “gets” it, too. Just read the tons of information provided FREE on his website:

Finally, their prices are awesome. Many of their online services are actually FREE!!! To anyone needing information, links to state forms, addresses, phone numbers, etc. I’ve paid as high as $250/year for “less” service with other Registered Agents. Over the years I’ve used four or five other well-know services, and more than one of those services has only added to the mess of trying to keep a company in proper compliance with repetitive mistakes, lost documents, endlessly ringing telephones, and emails that end up in a “black hole” of cyberspace. Not to mention poor client customer service attitudes.

Try NWRA, you won’t be sorry:

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